WORKSHOP: The 2024 Radiology Marketing Plan

For Patient-Centric Radiology Practices

This workshop is a unique opportunity to accelerate your patient-centric practice into a year of significant growth and achievement. 

Make sure to attend on January 18, 2 PM EST.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Strategic Blueprint for 2024: Master the art of patient-centric marketing while staying ahead of your competitors
  • Success Stories That Inspire: Draw insights from Interventional Radiology Practices that have utilized strategic marketing to elevate patient satisfaction and profitability
  • Tools & Strategies You Can't Miss: Implement exclusive, effective marketing techniques

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Webinar Speakers

Otilia is our strategy and client services director. She is passionate about authentic, ethical and data-driven, marketing that builds bridges between the radiology center and its network of referring physicians and potential patients in order to deliver a strong return on investment. After her first business exit, where she oversaw a website that received 2 million visitors each year, she has provided SEO advice to NGOs, including UNICEF, Save the Children, and Heart Research Institute.

Otilia Comsa


With over 18 years experience in Marketing and Radiology SaS platforms, John advises on digital marketing best practices, which includes digital advertising, website setup and structuring

John Campbell

Growth Marketer