Empowering Patients for Better Imaging Experiences

Visiting a diagnostic imaging facility can cause anxiety in patients. That is why we offer a range of patient engagement strategies to ensure their visit is a positive one.

We utilize informational videos to help them feel more informed and in control.

Our social media channels provide them with up-to-date information and feedback from satisfied patients. 

To reduce the number of no-shows, we utilize reminder SMS to ensure that appointments are not missed.

 Informational Videos

FAQ videos help educate patients on procedures, what to expect during a visit, and alleviate any fears or concerns they may have. Additionally, videos can reduce the amount of time staff spends answering repetitive questions, ultimately saving you both time and money.

Reduce No-Show Rate with SMS Reminders

Patients receive instant notifications about upcoming appointments, increasing the likelihood of attendance. The process saves time and effort as clinic staff no longer need to manually make calls or send letters.

Social Media Management

Social media is an effective tool to educate patients on procedures, services and the latest medical developments. Additionally, it can help with recruiting new staff and establishing partnerships.

Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a personalized, and targeted method of communicating with patients and referring physicians. It allows you to promote your services, highlight your team’s expertise, and showcase patient success stories, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and business growth.



"As a patient-centric diagnostic imaging center with multiple local clinics, we found the reputation management system cornerstone to our marketing strategy. In fact, we were able to become market leaders with hundreds of 5***** patient reviews in under 8 months from entering the market"

Vlad Ardeleanu, CEO Medima Health

We have already seen a significant increase in traffic and engagement since the launch of our new site and received a lot of compliments for the online referral process. Talking to the Radiology Marketing team was a breath of fresh air! Not having to explain to a marketing person what a CT scan is or how our process works was a relief. And the insights on our local competition were an eye-opener!

A. Knight, Owner Reveal Diagnostics

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