Workshop: Addressing the Obstacles
Top 5 Marketing Missteps Inhibiting IR Practices' Patient Growth

What's preventing your Interventional Radiology Practice from reaching peak patient growth? Could it be your marketing strategies?
Consider these statistics:

  • 68% of patients go online to gather health-related information before seeing a doctor.
  • 94% of patients consider online reviews when selecting a healthcare provider.

Discover why effective marketing is crucial to running a successful Interventional Radiology practice and identify the unique obstacles that IR practices often encounter. Marketing doesn't need to be an intimidating term, and it's time we broke down these barriers.

Join us as we discuss the top 5 marketing missteps which are potentially inhibiting the growth of interventional radiology practices. From neglecting online reputation management to inadequate patient engagement and insufficient targeted advertising, to unresponsive websites and the overlook of content marketing. 

This webinar is perfect for Interventional Radiology practices keen on boosting their patient numbers.

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