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August 30, 2021

10 Steps to increase patient conversions

Medical imaging has been around for over 100 years, driven by the strength of partnerships with referring physicians, clinics and hospitals. While a lot of people get their medical scans through a doctor’s referral, a large majority also approach a medical imaging provider directly when they need a CT scan or MRI scan. 

That’s why having a website that is friendly to both your potential patients and referring physicians is the key to gaining new clients for your medical imaging service. In this article, we will introduce you to 10 simple steps to help improve conversion with your website. 

1. Intuitive website design is everything

Your web design shouldn’t be confusing or overly complicated – you don’t want to frustrate people before they can find out the information that they need to access your services. 

Good, intuitive website design helps people easily find information, and you definitely want information such as the services you provide, your opening hours, your address, and how to book an appointment to be easily accessible to people. 

This is very simple to do. You should have a prominent navigation bar that allows visitors to switch between pages on your website. Your business name and logo should be prominent on every page, and you should have an “About Us” page that clearly states your address, opening hours, and phone number. If possible, you should also have a booking page where people can book an available appointment without having to call. 

2. Write in clear and concise language 

Your website is where your potential clients and doctors will find information about your services, and this information should be as clear and concise as possible. 

You may want to use overly medical language on your site to establish your authority in the subject, but this is definitely not the way to go. If people don’t understand what services you offer, they won’t feel motivated to make a visit. 

Don’t write too much on your page, as a wall of text is very discouraging for people, and they won’t read it altogether. Instead, you can use headings to clearly communicate what you offer and what services you provide. This will also help people scan the page and understand the available services at a glance.  

It goes without saying, but employing proper grammar and spelling is important to convey that your business is a trustworthy and legitimate resource. This is why proofreading your content before publishing is a must. 

3. Provide clear and authentic images of your business

There are so many reasons to use high-quality images on your website. Images help with your search ranking, and they also help people comprehend information better without having to read too much text. 

“A picture speaks a thousand words,” and you can definitely communicate the quality of your facility (such as treatment rooms, welcome area, etc.) and the quality of your service with just a few authentic images from your business. 

4. Communicate clear benefits

Information about technology and science is great, but people don’t always read the information that isn’t directly related to their concerns. That’s why speaking in terms of how your services can benefit your clients will help you convert more clients. 

It is important to create a clear and convincing message about your services by mapping out the main benefits that people can gain when they seek your medical imaging solutions. Benefits can also be communicated through FAQs, which can help ease people’s concerns when it comes to seeking your services. 

5. Keep information updated 

Updated information is essential to keep clients’ business. This is not just about maintaining an accurate address, phone number, and opening hours, although that is a given. You should also consistently update new photos so that your website doesn’t look too outdated, as well as update information on available services and technology so that your clients can always get what they expect when visiting your medical imaging business. 

6. Add Call to Action buttons on every page 

After people have successfully gained all the information they need before they decide to visit your center, they will want to call you or visit a page to book an appointment. Call to Action buttons are important in this stage because they will help your customers easily jump to the next step in the purchase decision – conversion. 

A good call to action button should be placed in various places on a website to make it easier for visitors to contact you. This includes the top navigation bar, “call us” buttons on information pages, and your phone number at the bottom of every page. 

7. Provide testimonials 

Healthcare providers shouldn’t underestimate the power of customer testimonials. Customer reviews are one of the key factors that help people decide whether to visit a healthcare service provider – 86 per cent of customers share this view. Providing testimonials on your website will help you gain the trust of your potential clients, which will help improve conversion. 

8. Link to your social media pages 

Being present on social media is also another way to help potential clients familiarise themselves with your services. A Business Facebook or Twitter account will help clients learn about the people behind the business and form bonds with your business. This is especially important for local businesses hoping to attract local customers – people are more likely to go with local businesses because they know the people behind the brand. 

Your website should link to your social media for this very purpose, and vice versa; your social media pages should share relevant content from your website to increase traffic to the site. 

9. Keep a blog and refresh your content regularly 

Creating content that is fresh and engaging is a must-do if you want to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Having a blog to share tips, news, insights, and answer questions from potential clients is a great way to establish your authority in the field and build trust among your potential clients. Trust is a big factor that helps people decide to choose a medical service provider. 

Another huge plus of having consistently updated content is that you will rank higher on Google Search, which will help improve organic traffic to your site and help you gain new customers. 

10. Add an appointment booking form 

An appointment booking form is another great way to get potential patients through the door. It allows visitors to your website to instantly connect with your service and book an appointment without having to call or wait for too long. Some people may hesitate to call to book an appointment, so adding a form that allows potential clients to book an appointment right away will help you seal the deal! 


Creating a website that is engaging will help you reach out to potential patients and convert them into patients. All of these steps are free and simple to do, and you will be surprised at the impact they will have on your conversion rates! 

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