October 5, 2022

Google has launched a platform it hopes will accelerate data interoperability and AI adoption in, specifically, medical imaging. Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suite opens AI-powered medical imaging to large pools of patients and, in the process, lightens workloads for radiologists.

The IT giant points out that 89 percent of all healthcare data is based on images captured during CT scans, MRIs, X-rays or ultrasounds. Plus, these days there's so much information available - big data analytics anyone? Google Cloud suggests image interpretation has been more dependent on humans than it needs in the age of big data analytics.

Google pioneered the use of AI and computer vision in Google Photos, Google Image Search, and Google Lens, and now they’re making their imaging expertise, tools, and technologies available for healthcare and life sciences enterprises. The Medical Imaging Suite showcases how state of the art technology can shape the future of healthcare.

Google Cloud is partnering with numerous technology suppliers to move the medical imaging operation forward, and early real-world deployments include prostate and cervical cancer.

Google Cloud assures its customers and prospects that data privacy and security are of the utmost importance in all aspects of Google Cloud’s Medical Imaging Suite and support HIPAA compliance.